Thursday, July 20, 2006

Mark Farina

Mark Farina // Live At Lord Of The Underground // 17-06-2006
Mark Farina // Mushroom Jazz Set // 17-06-2006


Jé said...

Hi Francois (or Guesswho24 ??) !

Here's the link for the Mark Farina's Mushroom Jazz Set :


françOis said...

Thanks again Jé!

Other links are welcome! these time i don't update my blog everyday... not a lot of time to search new mix, that's why your help is great!! ;)

ps::: françOis is my real name, guesswho24 my nickname :P

Jé said...

Have a look here :

Bon allez, je te le fais en français il est tard... ;-)
Je pense que la date est erronée, la correcte etant 16-06-2006...

Il y a d'ailleurs pleins de bons sets sur ce site...