Sunday, August 27, 2006

Guesthouse Music

Dj Mes // Live At Jack In The Boat // 23-07-2006
Dj Mes // Casting Couch Auditions
part 1 part 2
Dj Mes // Live At Stompy // 12-05-2006
The Sound Republic // WMC Mix 2006
Eloi Brunell // Live At Stereo
Chuck Daniels // Live At Center Street
Dj Freestyle // Live At Press Club // 27-05-2006
Massimo DaCosta // Live At Darkroom
Slater Hogan // August Mix 2006

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françOis said...

Tracklisting from's forum:::
00:00 Foremost Poets- Moonraker(accapella)
04:00 Frankie & Johnny (they were ACTUALLY lovers by the way) - Taught (Guess Who)
08:00 Busy & Spoon - Blase Blase (Oomph)
13:30 ?? awesome techy latin track - WANT THIS ID PLEASE
17:40 ?? "I was born and raised in the slums of the city" vocal
21:15 Sound Republic - Real Cream (Spatula City)
25:00 Inland Knights - Handwriting (Drop Music)
28:30 ??? "Gimme That Beat"
33:15 ??? "Bringin' it back / way back in the day" vocal - WANT THIS ID PLEASE
39:00 ???? sounds like a 1200 Warriors / 1200 Beats track
45:00 Kinky Movement - Da Brothers Into Hip-Hop (Flavor)
49:20 Sound Republic - Imaginary Lover (Spatula City)
54:30 Pushin' Boundries - Keep It Going (Matt Shrewd Mix) (Guesthouse)
59:00 ??? Bootleg of old disco track "Rock The Boat" by George MacRae
63:45 ??? I know this one but name escapes me "Move Your Body" vocal
69:00 Mr V - Da Bump (Sole Channel Mix) (Vega Records)
73:00 Sound Republic - Pimp (Guesthouse)
78:00 Mossa - Take One (Eloi Brunelle Remix) (Digital release on Epsilonlab, but apparently on an upcoming Guesthouse sampler!!)
82:30 Tim Deluxe - I Know (?? remix) (Cross Section Records)
87:15 have heard this on a few mixes - vocal goes "tell me where the love goes"
93:00 Foremost Poets - Besides Myself (Vocal Mix) (Soul Groove)
98:00 Sneaky Snarls - Crazierr (1200 Crazy Edit) (Leg) OH MY GOD THIS TURNED UP ON MY DOORSTEP TODAY, GOLLY GOSH WHAT A BOOTLEG, 1200S ON FIIIIIRE!!!
103:00 Cricco Castelli - Life Is Changing (Dub)?? Dub remix of an old song we all know that escapes me
107:00 ?? Lyric goes "if you want it in the morning / evening just call my name"

Anonymous said...

FrançOis - regular visitor to your blog..lovin this set..thanks for sharing all the bangin sets!!! D-Town

Anonymous said...

Another bangin set..thanks for sharing this great stuff...your Disco Sessions set was bang on too!

Anonymous said...

ey mann hammer mucke richtig geil ich liebe diese mucke vor allem der mix von jt donaldson ist der hammer

missfunky1 said...

mass j'adoreeeeeee terrible son set

missfunky1 said...

merci francois pour tous c set!!!!

Mindless Twit said...

Cool, Mes and Eloi Brunell mixes! Those guys completely made my night at Sterobar a few months ago. This brings back some memories. I'll have to visit this blog some more.

benj said...

dj freestyle on 17min plzzzzz the name of this song to fabilus woud like to turn my self thank you so much benj