Thursday, December 21, 2006

Underground House Music 1.0

Due to legal questions about hosting sets, I prefere to postpone the opening of my new website! I will try to continue to work on this blog until these questions are resolved...

Sorry for inconvenience >> françOis


Anonymous said...

just wondering
do you think it is legal to put mixes for downloading? :)

françOis said...

maybe you're right!

could you please contact me via email ( to discuss about that please? i want to have your opinion... what is legal, what is illegal? do you think there's also a problem with this blog? here i only post links i find over forum, websites.. for my other website, if I have the autorisation of each artist it will be legal?

many question about that, that's a little bit complicated.. :S

thanks very much :)

Anonymous said...

there is nothing illegal about posting sets. keep it up, its what house music is about. share it !

Anonymous said...

Hi.I'm Michal.I think it is not illegal,becouse You put sets on Your blog.Only sets,not tracks!You do it for promotion You dont take money for it.You don't take responsibility for what people do with downloaded files.If they sale it,they make wrong. Maybe I'm wrong , but I think You don't do anything illegal. Thanks to You people can hear some good house music. I think in every country the low about it is different , You must find out if this is ok what You do in Your country. I'm from poland and I did't hear that something like this is illegal here.Maybe You should write some information on Your site:sets are only for promotion and private use,You can download its,but You should reject it from Your disc in 24 hours.If You don't, You take responsibility for what You do.

Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know.I'm not lawer,I'm only Your fan.
Hope You will handle it. Good luck to You.