Monday, January 29, 2007

The Sound Diggers

The Sound Diggers | Promo Mix | January 2007


takrocks said...

welcome back, thank for the mixes.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I'll secnd that, just found this site and wooooooo!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's great mix. Love it. Egon

Eroom said...

Greate collection of mixes. I enjoy listening to them.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know the name of the track at the 25:00 min. mark on this mix?

It has a sample of a guy saying, "Well, the most important thing my father taught me, when I'm playing, if I don't feel it, don't play it"... and also, "He just felt, life is music".

Please help.

Anonymous said...

It's called "the groove got right" by dermont i think..

Good stuff it is.