Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Sound Republic

The Sound Republic | Happy New Year 1980 Promo Mix | 2007


geosekys said...

Does anyone know the artist, track name, label of the really jazzy/swing track about half way through the mix?

françOis said...

here is the tracklist:::

1. Lamanex Turducken Cover [SpatulaCity Records]
2. D-Tech Merecat Music [CDR]
3. Tommy Largo I Wanna Funk [CDR]
4. Cozy Creatures Show You The Way (The Sound Republic's Midwest Warehouse Remix) [Guesthouse Music]
5. Inland Knights Not Crazy [Drop Music]
6. DJ Shark Talk Box (The Sound Republic's Refix) [CDR]
7. Kinky Movement & Special Interest Homage (Inland Knights Remix) [Phobic Recordings]
8. The Sound Republic Get Loose [SpatulaCity Records]
9. Swirl People Lose You [Aroma Recordings]
10. Anyo Housekeeping [Alphabet Music]
11. Real Time Hand Motion Break Ya Neck [SpatulaCity Records]
12. Pushin Boundaries Keep It Goin (Ricardo Rae's Bump N Wiggy Remix) [Guesthouse Music]
13. The Bald & The Beautiful Bacon Chambers [Odori]
14. Jesse Rose & Sinden Me Mobile (Duckbeats Ringtone Riddim Mix) [Made to Play]
15. Playgroup ft. KC Flight Front 2 Back (Switch Remix) [ZYX Music]
16. Troydon Drop It (Chuck Daniels Egg Drop Mix) [Spatula City Records]
17. Sexual Chocolate WTF [Junky Trunk Records]
18. The Sound Republic Funkyard Junk [SpatulaCity Records]
19. Lamanex Sweat Pheasant [SpatulaCity Records]
20. Real Time Hand Motion Who Got It [SpatulaCity Records]