Saturday, March 24, 2007

I Love Your Sexy Beats

i love your sexy beats!! an exclusive mix recorded yesterday during the "" party night! phunky & fresh undergroundhouse vibes mixed by françOis (me).. don't forget to visit, the finest selection of tshirts around the world!! download

digital minds | funk from my trunk | downsouth music
troydon | drop it | spatula city
special interest | song like this | guesthouse music
ricardo rae | believe it | guesthouse music
troydon | sway the feel | phonoshuffle
inland knights | none of these | drop music
mr devins | the comeback (da sunlounge remix) | dae
inland knights | not crazy | drop music
dj heather | picture of you (s&b remix) | blackcherry
jimmy corona | refused | ghost
justin timberlake | sexy back (sneak remix) | jive
lamanex | sweet pheasant | spatula city

podcast (rss)::


Asuka said...

Salut, bon mix, et surtout tres bon blog, une vrai mine d'or !

As tu une playlist, j'aime bien le morceau à 20' ?

françOis said...

hello merci pour le commentaire, ca fait toujours plaisir!!

pour la tracklist je vais y penser, pour le moment je peux deja te dire que le morceau a 20min c'est troydon, sway the feel sur son nouveau label phonoshuffle..

++ françOis