Thursday, March 08, 2007

Jt Donaldson & Fred Everything

Jt Donaldson | Live At Focus | 27-02-2007
Fred Everything | Live At Focus | 14-02-2007

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Anonymous said...

could u help me out with the tracklist of fred everything?

derekcarney said...

I'm interested in the track IDs for a few tracks on this:

The Wu-Tang remix that sounds like Switch or Jesse Rose.

at 39:00 "funky...amazing flow? dancefloor? or something" filtered and has that whooshy deep bass noise during the hot breakdown at buildup at 39:18ish.

and finally,
the deep jackin' gospel house track at 54:00ish "Now do you remember what the Bible says: Provide that shelter and that daily is in my head/ God is in my head"

THANKS! JT rocks hard. I love how he alternates between jackin/deep to techy. Keeps it interesting for different genre-lovers.