Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Boogie Therapy

françOis | Live At Boogie Therapy | 05-05-2007

natural rhythm | uh oh | amenti
count funkula | spudda dudda doo | blue label
jt donaldson | just bounce | hudd traxx
lamanex | sweet pheasant | spatula city
lamanex | boggie chook | spatula city
cosy creatures | show you the way (sound republic remix) | guesthouse
prztz | races from space | mamma’s home cookin
swirl people ft ingrid hakanson | i’ll be a freak for you | aroma
mailer-deamon | mes:dup | guess who
prztz | cuckoo | mamma’s home cookin
anyo | derrick carter remix?? | ????
toka project | treat me right | tango
tiger spouts | sorry wrong beat | aj
d-t3ch | chicago soul (jason hodges remix) | neighborhood house watch
dirty deep peeps | disco what | bump shop
global communication | the way | sanctuary records
mister goodbar | auto hack it | bueno booty
rithma | i wish i could be beautiful | om records

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Anonymous said...

great mix.

What is track #4 ?


Keep it up.

françOis said...

hey thanks for your comment!

the track #4 (17min) is::
Lamanex | Sweet Pheasant | Spatula City

++ françOis

Bart said...

Very nice mix indeed!
I've been looking for the track @51 mins for quite a while. What is it??!

Big shouts from Amsterdam!


françOis said...

hey thanks B-Art!

about the track, this is a aNyO remix from derrick carter, but not sure exactly what is it and when it will be released!

++ françOis

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I love that track.
Keep them comin'

Anonymous said...

Great mix, love it! This is by far my favorite podcast out there for reliable funky groovin' house music that's actually "house" music in the true sense. Keep em comin'!

Any chance you can give up the details of the track before Show U the Way at ~23:00? Such a nice disco-ish number...fully understand if you wanna keep it under your hat though.


Anonymous said...

great set dude
wondering what the track @ the 11' was
thx in advance

Anonymous said...

great set dude
was wondering what the track at the 12th minute was
thx in advance

Anonymous said...

Is it possible to get the tracklisting

Veko said...

Great set, loved it from start to finish.

Ah those mamma's home cookin bring back memories :D, time to get them out of the record closet en trow them in my next set :p

Anonymous said...

the track @ 51 min is from jack castro (anyo) it's called boom boom boom...

LucasPosada said...

Woa, exelnt mix, congratulation francois...good music, very good music, clean mix.

Thanks for the blog..the best for fresh house music.

Question: the new blog (www.undergroundhousemusic.info)will make disaper this one? aniway i have a suscription to the new one.

françOis said...

thx thx thx to all, i will come soon with a new one (i hope)

++ françOis

Anonymous said...

yeah superb mixes!!!!
when is another coming? and on which site?


françOis said...

i'm sorry i'm to busy and not enough time to do a good mix! but i promise to come with a new one during the next to weeks! i've a lot of new & fresh tracks for you :)

++ françOis

ps:: the new set will be on the new site AND on the podcast too ;)

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to check out the mix. Are you a vinyl DJ or CDJ etc??

françOis said...


I will come back soon with new mixes! In this boogie therapy mix I was mixing with vinyl and cds.. but now i'm using m-audio torq with my classic turntables!