Sunday, November 19, 2006

Live At House Of Freaks?

finally here is my new set recorded last night at house of freaks! all my favorite tracks of the moment, only great and recent tunes! i will post the tracklist later in the comment section! i really like this set and i'm waiting for your feedback, hope you will love it too! see you soon on the podcast for the next episode..

live at house of freaks - november '06 ::: mixed by françOis
*** tracklist in the comment section of this post :)

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Luke said...

Love the mix. Sick!!!! Can you give us a track list. I espcially want to know who the first track is.

Best Regards,

françOis said...

hey Luke,
thanks for your comment!! about the tracklist i will post it this weekend! the first track is the littlemen on mobile trax (the last one).. and the xml work for me ;)

kind regards >> françOis

KSC519 said...

Greetings from Chicago, home of house music. We love your stuff over here. Some of the best mixes I've heard in years. Keep up the good work.


françOis said...

wow KSC519!! don't know what to say after that!! just so thanks!!
i will try to post more mixes ;) and not only mine, i'm also searching for new talents and special guests! but only quality underground house, like always! :)

++ françOis

françOis said...

the littlemen / hit dat dog / mobile trax
the littlemen / shake the club / mobile trax
distant funk / miami blues / drop music
distant funk / wanna party / drop music
prztz / phonk promises / classic
inland knights / girl in the window / drop music
matt shrewd / walk around / bambino
ricardo rae feat alyson joyce / where the love goes (sound republic mix) / aroma
special interest / outlaw / guesthouse
bryan jones / chicago jack (scud bloom mix) / control
bryan jones / change my world (sound republic mix) / lingo
sound republic & j todd / imaginary lover (inland knights mix) / spatula city
sound republic / insomnia (bryan jones mix) / control
mossa / town hall (eloi brunelle mix) / guesthouse

Guts McFruts said...

Nice Mix! Thanks for posting the tracklist.

Happy Holidays.

Giber said...

Really enjoying your set
Great Song Selection.
Congrats Francois....and tnx

Anonymous said...

LOVE THE MIX. Great tune selection. Keep it up bro. All the way from New Zealand.

GhostChild said...

I have to say this is a very good session! in my h10 since I downloaded .congratulations