Friday, March 16, 2007

Dj Heather

Dj Heather | Live At The So Very Show | 08-03-2007


Sebastian said...

Thank you so much for this one!!!
I love this woman.
THank God we have françOis sharing all this music!

Anonymous said...

So where is the playlist? In the show they mention it...


françOis said...

here is it:::
St. Germain - “Rose Rouge” 12″EP (Blue Note)
Jimpster - “Love Like This” Amour (Freerange)
Dalminjo - “This Time” One Day You’ll Dance For Me Tokyo (Deeplay)
Franck Roger - “The Chase” The Chase EP (Seasons)
1Luv - “Daylight” Slope is Dope (Sonar Kollektiv)
Habitat Collection: Twilight mixed by Keith Evan Kinkysweet
Trackheadz - “Our Music”
Sol Selegna - “Ah Yeah”
Mike Fresco Pres. Sambastate - “Reachin’” (Todd Patterson’s Vibal Rub)
DJ Said And Hideo Kobayashi - “Children Of The Drums” (Main Mix)
Tarot & Marbach Feat. Dominque Roy - “Freeway” (Deep Dub Mix)
Rain/A Lil’ Louis Painting - “Give It Up” (Ricanstruction Bass Dub)
Unknown - “Love Plus” (Derrick Carter Remix)
Demarkus Lewis - “Sunlight Moonlight” (BHQ Remix)
DJ Bang - “The B.E.A.T.”
Marko Militano - “What U Say”
Lee Mortimer - “Crazy”
No Assembly Firm - “Influence in Numbers”
Lady Bug Mecca - “Dogstar”
ECB & DJ Heather - “Picture of You”
Anyo - “Boom Boom”
Mark Almaria - “Uh Huh”
Mario Fabriani - “Spudda Dudda Doo”
Ion - “Follow the Groove”
Kelvin K - “Dirty Basement”

Haboh’s Pick of the Week
Frankie Knuckles - “The Whistle Song”
Haboh’s Pick of the Week
Ray Mang & Foolish Felix - “Disco Dementia” Disco Dementia EP
Ms.Angel’s Pick of the Week
Natalie Williams - “You Don’t Know” (Giom Remix) forthcoming on Black Cherry*

*DJ Heather provided this special sneak peek to our live radio listeners. Sorry podcast listeners! You’ll just have to wait until the release is put out this summer.

chomby said...

C'est franchement nul d'avoir couper la seule que je voulais !! lol "Natalie Williams - “You Don’t Know” (Giom Remix) "

Ms. said...

Playlist is located at:

Ms. said...

The tracklist is located at: